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The Ultimate Team Building Weekend Retreat

This place came to my attention a little while ago and piqued my interest instantly.


I thought (hoped) that it would work perfectly for a two night corporate team getaway and that’s exactly what it does.


I couldn’t wait to get the family out there for the weekend to check it out (and then get back to the office and let our community know all about it).


After a relaxing drive through the majestic mountain ash eucalypts of the Black Spur, you arrive at this beautiful property at the foot of the Cathedral Ranges.


There’s nothing flash about the dormitory style accommodation, however its cozy and clean – perfect for a team that’s keen on ‘roughing it’ just a little bit and the lakeside glamping tents are just what I hoped they would be.


Activity-wise, this place has it all. There’s simply not enough time in a weekend to have a go at everything on offer. For a corporate team there’s: archery, astronomy lessons, orienteering, wildlife hikes, fishing, cooking lessons on an open fire…the list goes on. Keep it light hearted or turn it into a full team challenge weekend.


After a day of exertion, it’s comforting to know that the bar is cozy, the beer is cold and the staff are a delight.


It’ll be a weekend of team bonding that will both challenge and reward in spades.IMG_2302IMG_2328IMG_2271IMG_2329

Staff Party

Deep within Melbourne’s laneways and arcades is a hidden parlour that for years has concealed the city’s seedy underbelly. This den of intrigue with its red leather sofas and rich mahogany wooden interior is a place like no other – perfect for an intimate cocktail making event.

espresso martini


Just the ticket for our most recent staff party.

On arrival, we were greeted with a signature welcome drink and canapes before being lead through to the hidden prohibition parlour.

kitty and simon

Our engaging cocktail Instructor wowed us all with a mesmerising ‘how to’ masterclass in mixing and matching ingredients to make a selection of the most impressive cocktails we’ve ever seen.

tam and pete


We mixed, we muddle and we shook as learnt how to make a variety of classic cocktails. These guys aim to arm you with the skills you need to masterfully re-create at home and entertain friends with this new set of skills. Later, we reclined back in our private parlour with cocktails, light snacks and plenty of laughs.peter and jeff

suze and vicky

Let us know if you’d like to learn more.

The Perfect Pre-GP Experience

If you’re gearing up for an action packed few days of racing at Albert Park this month then I suggest you take note.

There’s a magical feeling in the air as the F1 rolls into town every March and, for the events capital of the world, there are few weekends that get ME more excited.

F1 Start_resize3

If you’re entertaining clients, joining a bunch of work mates, or visiting from overseas, there is no better way to kick off an unforgettable weekend than with an ‘Insiders Beer Lovers Adventure’.


Melbourne has for some time been witnessing  the emergence of an exciting and vibrant craft beer scene, with urban breweries, cider bars and warehouse distilleries popping up all over the city. More so than at any time before, world-class brews are right on your doorstep.


This exclusive behind the scenes beer lovers adventure introduces you to Australia’s most awarded and innovative urban breweries, cider bars and whisky distilleries, where old-world styles and contemporary inspiration collide to create a drink-lover’s heaven! You’ll taste innovative brews with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee and bacon-flavours, refreshing summer ales, crisp lagers, fruit-infused ales, experimental single-batch brews, new and old-world whiskies and dry and sweet ciders.


From the biggest and oldest breweries in the country to the new kids on the block, this tour has it all!

Temple Brewing_Simon Shiff-43


So, this’ll definitely get you in an ‘F1 mood’ and set the scene for one of the best weekends of the year.


Bottoms up!


For more information, please feel free to give us a shout!

A Client Lunch That CRUNCHED it…


Italian Paired Wine Feast

You all need to know about this one.

It came to me a month ago when we were brainstorming lunch events for this client and I instantly knew we’d nailed it.


This client never wants ‘just another lunch’ which suits us just fine – so for this occasion I called on our good buddies at Craft and Co and teamed them up with the boys from Signor Vino.


The combination was a winner.

Nick and Stef from Signor vino are great fun, laid back and just happen to make outstanding wines.


They also know how to put on a show and get an audience hanging on every word – and every drop for that matter.



Craft and Co is one of the hottest things to spring up north of the river in recent years.

It’s unlike anything else.

An urban eating and drinking wonderland. that provides a showcase of Australian food and drink producers. There’s also an onsite micro-brewery, a distillery, cured meats and cheese making rooms, plus a state of the art coffee roaster. They  operate their own 40 acre site dubbed the “Farm” that produces grapes for wine, fruit, vegetables, grain, hops and livestock for in-house food and drink products.




More importantly, their private dining space is super cool and their food is off the charts.

Three hours flew by and nobody wanted the afternoon to end – that’s the effect these guys have.


Anyway, I hope the images speak for themselves and…

If you find yourself looking for that special something, that unique ‘lunch with a twist’ and are coming up short for ideas, then give us a shout and we’d be happy to help.



Memorable 2016 Christmas Moments

For most in the corporate world Christmas is the  busiest times of the year. Although busy, it is definitely the most fun. It’s a time where you can let your hair down and reap a little reward for all your hard work. See one of our favourite December moments.

The Mornington Peninsula – farm grown lunch, Tree Surfing and a Murder Mystery Dinner.

First stop  for the Minfos Group was Green Olive Organic Farm for a  hearty lunch of the very best peninsula and farm grown produce. It was unanimous –  lunch was a ‘hit’ and they swore they would be back again next year.


A tree surfing team adventure was next as the challenge was thrown down to teams of 8 to navigate their way through the treetop canopy, racing the clock and solving problems as they went. It added some real WOW factor to what was fast becoming a day to remember.


Back in the big smoke, they were taken to a secret location, given clues and props and seated for a Murder Mystery dinner with a twist – over three superb courses they were  to unravel the mystery of Baroness Audry von Munchen’s suspicious death. After plenty of laughs and finger pointing, every departed with enough great memories to last until next year.

img_0851Give us as shout for more information on our new event ideas for 2017!

No Christmas Party booked yet? No problem! Check out these awesome last minute event ideas with MPT:

We’re only a month away from Christmas but if you haven’t organised your company Christmas party yet then don’t panic, we’ve still got some awesome, affordable and available ideas for an unforgettable great Christmas break-up.


Special: Prohibition Parlour Cocktail Masterclass – best on a budget


Heard of the time when alcohol was prohibited in America and Australia? Prohibition Parlours were the place to go and have a secret sip or two of prohibited drinks. This Christmas have a great themed break-up by time-travelling to a Cocktail Party in a quirky location.


Be greeted with a signature welcome drink before being led through to the hidden prohibition parlour. Enjoy a fun-filled Cocktail Class and learn to understand how to mix ingredients to make delicious cocktails. Recline back in the atmosphere of your private parlour, sip on your cocktails and enjoy some light snacks and laughs. This is a great last-minute event for those on a budget.


Snapper Challenge – who’ll emerge victorious in the ‘catch of the day’ challenge?


Looking for a fun, casual team event with a difference? Why not get your team out on the open water to tackle our Snapper Challenge. Put your faith in your fishing prowess (and a little fisherman’s luck) by catching the biggest snapper of the day, winning first prize, and having your fresh catch cooked up on board.


Not fishing? There’s plenty of time to relax, take in the views and enjoy a gourmet barbecue prepared on the deck with a few cold ales.


Finish the day back on shore with a few post-fishing drinks on an open terrace to bemoan the one that got away.

Formula 1 Simulator Challenge – Albert Park race star for a day!

formula-1-simulator-challenge-2Competitively hurtle yourself and each other around Albert Park racetrack at 320 click in high performance cars. Enjoy a pre-race drink whilst being run through the event structure by your race instructors and then sit down in a replica Ferrari F1 wheel and top end simulation software. Compete head to head in short races and a ‘Fastest Lap’ challenge with times recorded on a Top Gear style leader board for all to see.


Toast the winners with canapés and drinks as we present prizes on the podium.

Boeing 737 Simulator Challenge

Put yourself in the Captain’s seat with this Boeing 737 simulator competition. An exhilarating experience that lets you challenge your colleagues and take charge of a Boeing 737-800.

flight-simulator-challenge-featuredFeaturing a life-sized cockpit with stunning, realistic scenery that plays on your senses, this thrilling experience is as close to reality as possible.

Right next door is one of our favourite city bars, where you can enjoy drinks and nibbles whilst your MPT host rotates teams through the simulator booth and back to the bar in teams of 2.


At the conclusion, the results will be announced and winner’s trophies issued.

Give us a shout for your last-minute event assistance!

Five Affordable Activities That Can Be Held Onsite

5 ways to spice up your next conference by offering a short, sharp and effective team building activity.

I love these because we can bring them literally anywhere.

If you’ve got an hour or two to fill and you need us to come to you and inject some life into you next conference or workshop then here are 5 ways to do it:

Number 1: Food and Wine Sensory Challenge

Of all the Event concepts we offer, this one is a winner. Full of great food and drinks, laughs, the right level of competitiveness. A fun, festive event, loved by all and appealing to all tastes.


Within 2-hours, enjoy this delicious challenge that puts all your senses to test, pitting team against team with categories covering all aspects of food and wine. Start with a food trivia and continue the sensory challenge and an opportunity to taste amazingly delicious ingredients. The perfect combination of delicious food and fun team interaction after a long day of conferencing.


Number 2: Circus Skills Team Challenge

Loosen up with some juggling, plate spinning, diabolo or devil sticks. Our experienced circus trainers will be on hand to fast track you and you’ll be blown away by what you can master in a short time with a bit of persistence.


This activity finishes with a fun team performance where you will be invited to showcase your newly acquired skills for everyone to judge. Perfectly suitable as a conference energizer, you will leave with a memory that’ll keep a smile on your face all week.


Number 3: Prison Break

Prison Break works perfectly as a conference activity. It is an exciting strategic event where teams work together to break out of a high security prison.


With themed prison guards and costumes, Prison Break will allow inmates (participants) to develop their prison alter ego and interact with each other in a fun simulated environment. It’s loaded with laughs and everyone will appreciate the post activity party where they trade stories of success and failure over a gourmet barbecue or canapes and drinks. The beauty of this event is that it is fully transferrable and can literally be held anywhere, so transform your conference venue into a prison and enjoy this fun activity within the set time frame.


Number 4: Remote Controlled Racing

It’s a lot of fun, is engaging, challenging and interactive, however it doesn’t ‘hijack’ an event. It can be more of a sideshow – or the main attraction. It is fully transferrable and can be set up absolutely anywhere, so why not set up a miniature race track in your office.

You can choose from a range of team challenges with different setups, such as Radio controlled Soccer, Mad Motorkhana or Freestyle options.



Number 5: Amazing Race

Our Amazing Race is ‘weather proof’ and both challenges and modes of transport between checkpoints can be adapted on the day to ensure it runs seamlessly in even the most extreme weather conditions.


It’s suited to all fitness levels and can be adapted to be both highly competitive, or more of a fun, relaxed team building experience. This event can indeed be held inside your venue building and extends to the area around it.

Teams race from one location to another whilst solving riddles and clues. At each of the locations, teams will then have to work together to perform a variety of different activities or tasks designed to test their teamwork, problem solving, communication and decision making in order to receive the clue to their next location.

Give us a shout for more great ideas on affordable on-site activities.

Our Top Five Company Christmas Party Ideas for 2016

It’s that time of the year again and if you haven’t started thinking about your company Christmas Party, we’re here to help.

I hope there’s some inspiration to be found from our Top Five Company Christmas Party Ideas for 2016:


Party In The Park

Everybody loves a garden party – Think jugs of Pimms, hampers filled with a smorgasbord of delectable goodies, garden furniture and day beds, chilled French Champagne, ice cold premium beers, and an acoustic duet in one of Melbourne’s majestic garden settings.

To turn the ‘fun’ into downright memorable, throw in some good old- fashioned lawn games and your party is guaranteed to be a hit. Get competitive at croquet, skittles, quoits and even a few childhood favourites like a sack race and tug of war challenge.



Our Snapper Challenge


For a fun, casual team event with a difference, get out on the open water and tackle our Snapper Challenge. Relax on deck, enjoy a gourmet barbecue and see who can reel in the catch of the day… We’ll then have one of our team cook up your fresh catch on board.

Earn some serious bragging rights by hooking the biggest of our feisty pink friends. We’ll have a leader board visible for all to see just to add to the theatre. Finish the day back on shore with a few post-fishing drinks on an open terrace to bemoan the one that got away.



Bubble Soccer Tournament and Picnic


It works perfectly for a competive bunch who also love to blow off some steam with some serious laughs at the same time. This one is a winner. Teams go head to head, or bubble on bubble, wearing giant inflatable balls. It’s nothing short of chaos but guarantees plenty of laughs and plenty of fodder for chats round the water cooler. Combine with a selection of cold drinks and a gourmet picnic in a majectic Melbourne park.



Hands On Cocktail Party

Break the ice and shake up your next corporate event with the help of a professional cocktail maker for some festive Christmas mixology. Learn to shake, mix, muddle and even invent your very own creations. We have an enthusiastic and skillful demonstrator who runs through a selection of gourmet cocktails before a master chef style cocktail-off ensues between the best contestants. Once you have got in touch with your creative side, kick back and enjoy the results of your hard work over canapés. It is a perfect Christmas event and can be set up absolutely anywhere.



A Yarra Valley Garden Party


Upon arrival,  head through to the private winery for an exclusive barrel tasting with the winemaker. Once complete, move on out to the lawn where you’ll be treated to shared regional platters and estate wines, whilst enjoying lawn games such as petanque, croquet, quoits, tug of war, egg and spoon races, or good old fashioned sack races. Later, enjoy an indulgent gourmet picnic lunch of fine Yarra Valley produce. Admire the scenery in a secluded area of the vineyard before kicking back on the rolling green lawns for a charming garden party against the backdrop of the Yarra Ranges.




Move back to their magnificent private barrel room for a feast of carefully sourced local fare (think the likes of Chestnut and cranberry stuffed turkey, Spice honey glazed ham), washed down with a selection of estate wines.


Get in touch if you think we can help.

Taking a Master Class to a Whole New Level


I wanted to share with you all a couple of brilliant new variations that have succeeded in taking one of my favourite events to another level.


Taste! A Masterclass in Flavour is a hilarious ‘show’ in which two stalwarts of Melbourne’s food and wine scene enlighten you on how to really use your tongue and nose to taste like the professionals.


Wine writer Max Allen and food writer Richard Cornish introduce you to the exciting world of neuro gastronomy, but without the ‘pomp’ and teach you how the tongue, nose and brain work together to create the sense of flavour – all the while keeping the mood light, fresh and funny.

Max and Richard are old buddies and bounce off each other beautifully. What I really love about this event though is that it can be delivered in a range of different restaurants and venues at varying price points and each provide a different angle by way of the food and beverage offering – Max and Richard effortlessly weave their presentation into the culinary delights on offer.

Here are two new and contrasting venues that have allowed us to elevate ‘Taste’ to Hall of Fame status!


At Craft and Co,  we begin with a glass of prosecco and house brewed beers on arrival, followed by a beautiful sharing menu from chef Dom Marzano. We start with a delicious selection of cheeses, salumi and condiments on deli boards. Then it’s time for smoked trout brandade cheese croquettes and lamb ribs, followed by roast Italian porketta and a selection of side dishes. The menu concludes with Sicilian cannoli and fresh seasonal cherries.


The Belleville Hotel is just a little bit quirky and works beautifully for what is a pretty quirky event.  Max and Richard weave their presentation effortlessly into a multi course menu of signature dishes from the Belleville kitchen team. Think amazing lobster mac & cheese, southern fried cauliflower with hot and sour sauce plus pork hock, orange & lemongrass caramel and red papaya salad. Main course is the famous rotisserie chicken with miso butte glaze, served with mango and daikon slaw and kim chi fried rice.


I hope your tastebuds are suitably tantalised and please give us a shout: if you’d like to know more.

A Refreshing Collection of New Event Ideas

For those businesses out there that are now in the planning stages of their 2016 company Christmas Party, I thought a fresh does of inspiration would be the perfect tonic for a Monday morning.



Food and Wine Sensory Challenge featured image




Super Yacht Cocktail Party


In our  MPT Corporate Event Brochure- Inspiration For Your Next Event you’ll find some old favourites, plus some fresh and exciting new event ideas that I’m sure you’ll love.