MPT Corporate Events – Josh Oakes

Taking a Master Class to a Whole New Level


I wanted to share with you all a couple of brilliant new variations that have succeeded in taking one of my favourite events to another level.


Taste! A Masterclass in Flavour is a hilarious ‘show’ in which two stalwarts of Melbourne’s food and wine scene enlighten you on how to really use your tongue and nose to taste like the professionals.


Wine writer Max Allen and food writer Richard Cornish introduce you to the exciting world of neuro gastronomy, but without the ‘pomp’ and teach you how the tongue, nose and brain work together to create the sense of flavour – all the while keeping the mood light, fresh and funny.

Max and Richard are old buddies and bounce off each other beautifully. What I really love about this event though is that it can be delivered in a range of different restaurants and venues at varying price points and each provide a different angle by way of the food and beverage offering – Max and Richard effortlessly weave their presentation into the culinary delights on offer.

Here are two new and contrasting venues that have allowed us to elevate ‘Taste’ to Hall of Fame status!


At Craft and Co,  we begin with a glass of prosecco and house brewed beers on arrival, followed by a beautiful sharing menu from chef Dom Marzano. We start with a delicious selection of cheeses, salumi and condiments on deli boards. Then it’s time for smoked trout brandade cheese croquettes and lamb ribs, followed by roast Italian porketta and a selection of side dishes. The menu concludes with Sicilian cannoli and fresh seasonal cherries.


The Belleville Hotel is just a little bit quirky and works beautifully for what is a pretty quirky event.  Max and Richard weave their presentation effortlessly into a multi course menu of signature dishes from the Belleville kitchen team. Think amazing lobster mac & cheese, southern fried cauliflower with hot and sour sauce plus pork hock, orange & lemongrass caramel and red papaya salad. Main course is the famous rotisserie chicken with miso butte glaze, served with mango and daikon slaw and kim chi fried rice.


I hope your tastebuds are suitably tantalised and please give us a shout: if you’d like to know more.

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