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Five Affordable Activities That Can Be Held Onsite

5 ways to spice up your next conference by offering a short, sharp and effective team building activity.

I love these because we can bring them literally anywhere.

If you’ve got an hour or two to fill and you need us to come to you and inject some life into you next conference or workshop then here are 5 ways to do it:

Number 1: Food and Wine Sensory Challenge

Of all the Event concepts we offer, this one is a winner. Full of great food and drinks, laughs, the right level of competitiveness. A fun, festive event, loved by all and appealing to all tastes.


Within 2-hours, enjoy this delicious challenge that puts all your senses to test, pitting team against team with categories covering all aspects of food and wine. Start with a food trivia and continue the sensory challenge and an opportunity to taste amazingly delicious ingredients. The perfect combination of delicious food and fun team interaction after a long day of conferencing.


Number 2: Circus Skills Team Challenge

Loosen up with some juggling, plate spinning, diabolo or devil sticks. Our experienced circus trainers will be on hand to fast track you and you’ll be blown away by what you can master in a short time with a bit of persistence.


This activity finishes with a fun team performance where you will be invited to showcase your newly acquired skills for everyone to judge. Perfectly suitable as a conference energizer, you will leave with a memory that’ll keep a smile on your face all week.


Number 3: Prison Break

Prison Break works perfectly as a conference activity. It is an exciting strategic event where teams work together to break out of a high security prison.


With themed prison guards and costumes, Prison Break will allow inmates (participants) to develop their prison alter ego and interact with each other in a fun simulated environment. It’s loaded with laughs and everyone will appreciate the post activity party where they trade stories of success and failure over a gourmet barbecue or canapes and drinks. The beauty of this event is that it is fully transferrable and can literally be held anywhere, so transform your conference venue into a prison and enjoy this fun activity within the set time frame.


Number 4: Remote Controlled Racing

It’s a lot of fun, is engaging, challenging and interactive, however it doesn’t ‘hijack’ an event. It can be more of a sideshow – or the main attraction. It is fully transferrable and can be set up absolutely anywhere, so why not set up a miniature race track in your office.

You can choose from a range of team challenges with different setups, such as Radio controlled Soccer, Mad Motorkhana or Freestyle options.



Number 5: Amazing Race

Our Amazing Race is ‘weather proof’ and both challenges and modes of transport between checkpoints can be adapted on the day to ensure it runs seamlessly in even the most extreme weather conditions.


It’s suited to all fitness levels and can be adapted to be both highly competitive, or more of a fun, relaxed team building experience. This event can indeed be held inside your venue building and extends to the area around it.

Teams race from one location to another whilst solving riddles and clues. At each of the locations, teams will then have to work together to perform a variety of different activities or tasks designed to test their teamwork, problem solving, communication and decision making in order to receive the clue to their next location.

Give us a shout for more great ideas on affordable on-site activities.

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