MPT Corporate Events – Josh Oakes

Memorable 2016 Christmas Moments

For most in the corporate world Christmas is the  busiest times of the year. Although busy, it is definitely the most fun. It’s a time where you can let your hair down and reap a little reward for all your hard work. See one of our favourite December moments.

The Mornington Peninsula – farm grown lunch, Tree Surfing and a Murder Mystery Dinner.

First stop  for the Minfos Group was Green Olive Organic Farm for a  hearty lunch of the very best peninsula and farm grown produce. It was unanimous –  lunch was a ‘hit’ and they swore they would be back again next year.


A tree surfing team adventure was next as the challenge was thrown down to teams of 8 to navigate their way through the treetop canopy, racing the clock and solving problems as they went. It added some real WOW factor to what was fast becoming a day to remember.


Back in the big smoke, they were taken to a secret location, given clues and props and seated for a Murder Mystery dinner with a twist – over three superb courses they were  to unravel the mystery of Baroness Audry von Munchen’s suspicious death. After plenty of laughs and finger pointing, every departed with enough great memories to last until next year.

img_0851Give us as shout for more information on our new event ideas for 2017!

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