MPT Corporate Events – Josh Oakes

A Client Lunch That CRUNCHED it…


Italian Paired Wine Feast

You all need to know about this one.

It came to me a month ago when we were brainstorming lunch events for this client and I instantly knew we’d nailed it.


This client never wants ‘just another lunch’ which suits us just fine – so for this occasion I called on our good buddies at Craft and Co and teamed them up with the boys from Signor Vino.


The combination was a winner.

Nick and Stef from Signor vino are great fun, laid back and just happen to make outstanding wines.


They also know how to put on a show and get an audience hanging on every word – and every drop for that matter.



Craft and Co is one of the hottest things to spring up north of the river in recent years.

It’s unlike anything else.

An urban eating and drinking wonderland. that provides a showcase of Australian food and drink producers. There’s also an onsite micro-brewery, a distillery, cured meats and cheese making rooms, plus a state of the art coffee roaster. They  operate their own 40 acre site dubbed the “Farm” that produces grapes for wine, fruit, vegetables, grain, hops and livestock for in-house food and drink products.




More importantly, their private dining space is super cool and their food is off the charts.

Three hours flew by and nobody wanted the afternoon to end – that’s the effect these guys have.


Anyway, I hope the images speak for themselves and…

If you find yourself looking for that special something, that unique ‘lunch with a twist’ and are coming up short for ideas, then give us a shout and we’d be happy to help.



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