MPT Corporate Events – Josh Oakes

The Perfect Pre-GP Experience

If you’re gearing up for an action packed few days of racing at Albert Park this month then I suggest you take note.

There’s a magical feeling in the air as the F1 rolls into town every March and, for the events capital of the world, there are few weekends that get ME more excited.

F1 Start_resize3

If you’re entertaining clients, joining a bunch of work mates, or visiting from overseas, there is no better way to kick off an unforgettable weekend than with an ‘Insiders Beer Lovers Adventure’.


Melbourne has for some time been witnessing  the emergence of an exciting and vibrant craft beer scene, with urban breweries, cider bars and warehouse distilleries popping up all over the city. More so than at any time before, world-class brews are right on your doorstep.


This exclusive behind the scenes beer lovers adventure introduces you to Australia’s most awarded and innovative urban breweries, cider bars and whisky distilleries, where old-world styles and contemporary inspiration collide to create a drink-lover’s heaven! You’ll taste innovative brews with chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee and bacon-flavours, refreshing summer ales, crisp lagers, fruit-infused ales, experimental single-batch brews, new and old-world whiskies and dry and sweet ciders.


From the biggest and oldest breweries in the country to the new kids on the block, this tour has it all!

Temple Brewing_Simon Shiff-43


So, this’ll definitely get you in an ‘F1 mood’ and set the scene for one of the best weekends of the year.


Bottoms up!


For more information, please feel free to give us a shout!

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