MPT Corporate Events – Josh Oakes

The Ultimate Team Building Weekend Retreat

This place came to my attention a little while ago and piqued my interest instantly.


I thought (hoped) that it would work perfectly for a two night corporate team getaway and that’s exactly what it does.


I couldn’t wait to get the family out there for the weekend to check it out (and then get back to the office and let our community know all about it).


After a relaxing drive through the majestic mountain ash eucalypts of the Black Spur, you arrive at this beautiful property at the foot of the Cathedral Ranges.


There’s nothing flash about the dormitory style accommodation, however its cozy and clean – perfect for a team that’s keen on ‘roughing it’ just a little bit and the lakeside glamping tents are just what I hoped they would be.


Activity-wise, this place has it all. There’s simply not enough time in a weekend to have a go at everything on offer. For a corporate team there’s: archery, astronomy lessons, orienteering, wildlife hikes, fishing, cooking lessons on an open fire…the list goes on. Keep it light hearted or turn it into a full team challenge weekend.


After a day of exertion, it’s comforting to know that the bar is cozy, the beer is cold and the staff are a delight.


It’ll be a weekend of team bonding that will both challenge and reward in spades.IMG_2302IMG_2328IMG_2271IMG_2329

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